Bicycle helmet TERSUS JOCKEY hexagons blue yellow

Product Description

Bicycle helmet TERSUS JOCKEY hexagons blue yellow 18-OWT22-T009-S

Safety: Children's bicycle helmet with flasher in the adjusting roller, which increases the safety of the child in the twilight or darkness. The helmet uses In-Mold technology, which is why a cast, super strong and lightweight helmet is produced. The lowered occipital part during the fall protects the most vulnerable area of ​​the head
Adjustment: Good and accurate adjustment of the size with the help of a roller, convenient fastening and adjustable straps. The helmet will always be at the time the child.
Convenience: The helmet will not be hot, 17 ventilation holes - will not allow to overheat.

Material: EPS foam / polycarbonate sheath
Certification: CE EN 1078
Number of air vents: 17 pcs.
Texture: Glossy


  • bicycle helmet for children Tersus Jockey with built-in flasher

  • 17 holes ensure optimal ventilation

  • The lowered occipital part during the fall protects the most vulnerable area of ​​the head

  • A convenient size adjustment system with a swivel ring in the back of the helmet

  • the roller is equipped with a flasher with 6 red LEDs, which greatly increases the safety of the child, making it well visible in the twilight or darkness

  • The flasher operates in three modes: steady glow, flashing, flickering

  • The flashing modes can be switched using the central button

  • comfortable clasp

  • adjustable straps

  • removable antibacterial pads suitable for washing

  • soft lining under the belt under the chin

  • in-mold construction *


In-mold construction *. The basis of the EPS foam helmet and the polycarbonate shell are an integral structure, excluding the presence of cavities between the layers. During in-mold helmet manufacturing, the in-mold polycarbonate sheet and helmet base are housed in a single die and are joined together under the action of a press and high temperature without the use of glue. This increases the strength of the helmet and allows you to design an efficient ventilation system. In such helmets, the shell performs not only a decorative role, but is also an amplifying element. Helmets with such a design are less prone to damage and more resistant to mechanical stress.

Additional Information

Weight 0.210 kg


Helmet tecnologies

With a built-in flasher