Pump Tersus PLAST H

Product Description

A bicycle pump with a retractable hose in a plastic casing, maximum pressure of 80 psi - suitable for urban, mountain and road bicycles. Suitable for two types of valves - AV / FV

Material: Plastic

Maximum pressure: 80 psi / 5.5 bar / 5.6 atm

Suitable for two types of valves: Schrader (AV) / Presta (FV)


  • bicycle pump with retractable hose in plastic housing
  • compact size and light weight
  • pump for city, mountain and road bicycles
  • A flexible pull-out hose allows you to pump the wheel in a position convenient for you and prevents damage to the nipple
  • secure attachment of the head to the valve with a locking lever
  • Mounting on the frame in the kit
  • Change the valve type by flipping the valve head

Additional Information